Filipino Matters : Dignity in every Filipino!
Filipino Matters : Dignity in every Filipino!

Filipino Matters

We at Filipino Matters believe that national pride, dignity and social responsibility are key elements in building a strong nation. A people proud of its cultural heritage and achievements can approach problems with a can-do attitude knowing that their perseverance, resilience and drive will eventually help them surmount any crises that will come in their way. Dignity will imbue happiness, pride and contentment- making people realize the value of their work and the significant contribution they impart to the well-being of the nation. Finally, social responsibility will reinforce the salience of cooperation and interdependence, conferring on every one a crucial role they can play in improving the lot of their fellow countrymen or in taking care of the environment.

To this end, Filipino Matters will take on various meaningful advocacies and devise social businesses in their support.

Filipino Matters believes that the goal of nation-building is everybody’s concern. It is not the exclusive monopoly of leaders, civil servants and cause-oriented organizations. We believe that everyone can contribute in no small measure in advancing the interests of the country. We neither sanction religious doctrines nor endorse any political view. We are a non-aligned non-political movement who adheres any help that one could extend can make a difference.

Filipino Matters was formed by several young, dynamic, and nationalistic volunteers coming from various backgrounds who devoted their time, efforts and resources to serve a noble cause:

* They have committed not to receive cash, salary or other forms of renumeration (not a single penny!) it's purely love for the country!

The Contributors

The project is neither government-initiated nor instigated by a private foundation. “Filipino Pride” is inspired by a motley group of ordinary Filipinos who neither belong to any commercial institution nor to an organized affiliation. They just bond together to come up with the idea of heralding the collection of what might be sources of Filipino Pride. The group is inspired by an old adage that goes - “Kung hindi ngayon, kailan? Kung hindi tayo, sino?” The project initiators do not seek any credit for this effort. The project simply hopes that as individual Filipinos who bond themselves, they may contribute to inspire other Filipinos.

Edna E. A. Co is the Dean of the University of the Philippines' National College of Public Administration and Governance and a professor of Public Administration at the University of the Philippines’ National College of Public Administration and Governance. It is natural that her advocacy is on good governance but on top of this she is currently involved in political campaign reforms.

Ones L. Cuyco currently works at the National Livelihood Development Corporation. He attended a multi-disciplinary course in Japan together with young professionals from ASEAN countries under the IATSS Forum. He advocates development of rural communities through the provision of micro-finance and micro-entrepreneurship.

Dale Dennis M. David is a social entrepreneur and heads Mighty Minds, an educational nonprofit organization. He got his degree in Marketing from De La Salle University and holds a Graduate Certificate in Management from Harvard University. He also took his Master of Public Administration from the University of the Philippines. He conceptualized the Filipino Pride and other ideas that led to the formation of Filipino Matters.

Lucio B. Pitlo III is a research manager for a private research firm and is currently a student of the Asian Center, University of the Philippines (UP), taking up MA in Asian Studies. He took his BA in Public Administration in UP. He served as the chief editor of the Filipino Pride book project.

Julie B. Tañada is a professor in Advertising and Marketing at the De La Salle University. She took her MBA at AIM and is currently completing her dissertation for her Ph.D. in Communications program at the University of the Philippines.


Filipino Matters also received support from other like-minded people. Their contributions enabled us to complete our first project, the Filipino Pride Book:

T. Lloydon Bautista had worked with the government for seven years before becoming a faculty in Politics and Governance at the University of Asia and of the Pacific. He finished his undergraduate course on philosophy at Ateneo de Manila University and obtained his MA in Public Administration from the University of the Philippines and is now completing his dissertation requirements to secure his PhD diploma in Public Administration in the same institution.

Rodolfo V. Brul is a long - time print journalist, editor and broadcaster. A campus journalist and editorial scholar in his college days, he finished his AB in Foreign Service from the Lyceum University and his MA in Filipino (major in Wika) from the University of the Philippines on a UP Presidential Scholarship grant and graduating with the honor of a summa cum laude. He is a strong advocate of the Filipino language.

Filipino Matters Guam Chapter:

Ron de Lima • Arnel Bonto • Noel Caballo • Jeff David • Arlene David

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Filipino Matters : Dignity in every Filipino!