Filipino Matters : Dignity in every Filipino!
Filipino Matters : Dignity in every Filipino!

Who We Are

Mighty Minds: The Organization

Mighty Minds is a non profit organization duly registered at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) founded with the aim of extending educational assistance to the youth. It is a self reliant entity composed of civic-minded individuals coming from various professions and backgrounds. Mighty Minds live in order to provide for others. In providing educational assistance to our scholars, we hope to bring a better future for underprivileged, but striving, youths.

Vision and Mission of Mighty Minds

The vision of the organization is to help our poor, but deserving, students get better opportunities for the future by way of education. We also aspire to do our share in the enhancement of the current educational system, conducting information technology (IT) literacy lessons and providing computers and relevant reading materials for the benefit of both students and teachers in our center. We recognize the importance of technological breakthroughs and how will this shape the future so we are equipping our scholars with the tools they need in order to secure a bright prospect for their career and professional life. We also hope to develop among the youth a sense of social responsibility. We instill in our scholars the importance of contributing to their neighborhood through community service. We also impressed on them the value of bringing back to their community the fruits of their hard efforts and, by doing so, set good examples for other to follow. The objectives of the organization are outlined in the word SHARE. The following goals are seen as the driving force of the organization in to continue their service in the community:

S- Scholarship grants
H- Hubs of learning
A- Amenities for learning
R- Reaching out to youth
E- Educational assistance

What We Do

We Share

We wish to contribute to the improvement of educational standards among the youth and cultivate in the youth the importance of sharing to others whatever returns we received for our diligent and persistent efforts. At the same time, we also want our scholars to take their share of responsibilities to their community by engaging in productive community service activities and be good exemplars for others.

We Support

We support the hardworking youth trying to make ends meet just to educate themselves. We are currently providing financial assistance to 50 high school and college students in order to defray the costs of their matriculation and related school fees. And in our efforts to further advance our good cause, we are opening our doors to those who share the same sympathy for the indigent, but deserving, youth. Sponsors and donors are most welcome.

We Inspire

We put smiles on every child we support knowing that we playing a crucial role in building the foundation for a better future in store for them. We are happy to take part in molding a more promising outlook for our scholars.

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What We Plan To Do

Mighty Minds now has second-hand computers in the learning center. These computers were donated by people who help with the provisions of the program. The Organization plans to as for more computers and facilities from like-minded individuals and organizations. We intend to build more learning centers in other barrios wherein computer skills and IT proficiency are absent, if not inadequate.

Provide Computer Training Programs

The organization initiated sessions wherein people can be taught about the basics of computer use and operation free of charge. This program aims to train and enhance the computer skills of teachers who will eventually impart these lessons on IT to their students. It seeks for more volunteers that would help implement the training program. This training program is essential as technological innovations and IT are fast improving the mode of education, work and living the world over.

Development of the Sponsor - A Student Program

Scholarship programs will be further improved by the Mighty Minds. Sponsors to help in the maintenance and continuity of the programs will be constantly sought and their bighearted donations will be most appreciated. Funds and material incentives received from these donors will be used in the pursuit of the Organization’s activities.

Provide Livelihood for scholar’s parents

Mighty Minds recognize the need to help not only our scholar-students, but also their families. As such, livelihood programs are earmarked for the concerned families of our student beneficiaries. The Organization aspires to continue in the conduct of livelihood training seminars that would teach parents on how to expand their small businesses. The program is looking at the possible provision of microfinance credit lines to provide seed capital for enterprising families.

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How You Can Help

Currently, there are already fifty-seven (57) students under the Sponsor A Student Program. You may contribute anytime of the year. By sponsoring through Mighty Minds, you will be able to directly help a student finish school without all the hassles and time-consuming efforts!

Donate In Cash

Download our Donation Form (in PDF Format) at Print the form and fill it up by choosing how you want to help this project, and providing your full name, address and phone numbers.

Donate In Kind

  • Text Books
  • Writing Pads
  • Art Materials
  • Used Computers
  • School Bags
  • Pen and Pencils
  • Others

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Filipino Matters : Dignity in every Filipino!